Established in 2012, our journey has been one of ambition and potential, and we’re ready to unleash our impact on the world!

Welcome to Collaboration Integrated Systems For Information Technology Company (CISITC), your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of the digital landscape. At CISITC, we’re more than just an IT company – we’re innovators, collaborators, and problem solvers dedicated to shaping the future of technology.

For over 12 years, Collaboration Integrated Systems For Information Technology Company (CISITC) has been a trusted leader in Saudi Arabia, delivering comprehensive IT solutions to various industries. Through strategic partnerships with technology giants, we offer cutting-edge solutions including Data Center, Networking, Security, Printing, Surveillance, and Personal Computing. Our commitment to excellence and innovation empowers businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.


Md. Aijaz

Managing Director

Meet Md. Aijaz, our dynamic Managing Director. With unparalleled vision and leadership, he guides us towards innovation and growth. Get to know the driving force behind our success.


Accounting Manager

Introducing our meticulous Accounting Manager, Zahid. With a sharp eye for detail and unwavering dedication to financial integrity, he ensures our fiscal success. Meet the cornerstone of our financial stability and growth.


Sales Account Manager (SAM)

Meet our exceptional Sales Account Manager, Yaseen. With strategic leadership and a dedication to excellence, he navigates our branch towards success. Get to know the driving force behind our branch's growth and prosperity.


Sales Account Manager (SAM)

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