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Future Proof Your Network Infrastructure with Cisco Catalyst Switches and many more

Database Security

Safeguard your data with our database security System. Encryption, access controls, and monitoring ensure protection against threats. Trust us to keep your information secure and compliant.


Build powerful alliances with our platform. Collaborate, innovate, and grow alongside trusted partners. Together, we amplify impact, expand opportunities and achieve shared success. Join our alliance today.

Data Center

Power your business with our advanced data center solutions. Achieve peak performance, reliability, and security for your critical applications and data. Trust us to keep your operations running smoothly.

Collaboration Integrated Systems (CIS)

Collaboration Integrated Systems For Information Technology Company (CISITC) is a leading wholesaler and retailer of Data and Telecommunicatio Products, committed to becoming the most loved and trusted marketplace in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We tirelessly pursue these goals by offering a superior Technology. Collaboration Integrated Systems for Information Technology Company (CISITC) offers your business products using the latest technology, which guarantee platform stability as well as investment return. Our complete product range, which is adaptable to your specific project requirements, allows you to choose and manage your IT suite with immense ease. Our Service offers respond to every business’ desire to improve productivity, whilst at the same time reducing costs.



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IT Infrastructure Solutions

Controlling your advanced accomplishment with extensive IT foundation arrangements

Software Development

Iterative process of designing, coding, testing and refining software solutions to meet user requirements

Remote IT Services

Providing technical support, maintenance and solutions to clients remotely, ensuring smooth operations from a distance.


Explore the world with wise geospatial arrangements.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Analyzing data to support strategic business decisions.

IT Training and Education

Equipping individuals with skills for success in technology-driven environments through structured learning.


Harnessing algorithms to enable machines to learn from data, mimic human cognition and automate tasks.

Cyber Security

Protecting digital systems, networks and data from malicious attacks and unauthorized access.



Empower Your Business with Tailored IT Solutions. At CISITC, we are your dedicated partner offering a wide array of comprehensive IT solutions. Specializing in infrastructure, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and managed services.


Maximize Your Business Potential with Data Empowerment. At CISITC, we specialize in unlocking the power of data to drive your success forward.

Network and Cybersecurity

Strengthen Your Digital Armor with Our Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions. At CISITC, we understand the importance of fortifying your digital defenses in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape.

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